Portugal Hotel Market Outlook 2024

PORTUGAL’S HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY is experiencing an impressive comeback post Covid, surpassing previous records. The unprecedented challenges brought about by the

Know thyself for budget success

Jordi Izquierdo, hotel asset manager, Global Asset Solutions, looks past the lazy summer and cautions that you can never be too ready for budget season.

Spanish Hotel Market 2024

Spain’s tourism sector in 2023 exceeded all initial expectations and surpassed the high levels achieved in the 2019 season before the pandemic, both in nominal expenditure and real terms. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering the context of high inflation, with tourism prices nearly 18% higher than in 2019.

A rising tide

Lucia Penrod, Co-Founder, Owner & Chief Executive Officer, Nikki Beach Global (Nikki Beach), and Robert Walters, CIO, Global Asset Solutions, discuss the evolution underway at Nikki Beach as the trusted brand navigates expansion.

The luxury sustainability conundrum

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, discusses how to deliver demand for sustainability and demand for luxury experiences in the same property.

Failing the AI tech race

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, warns the brands that hotels will turn to the OTAs for their technology fix.