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We are in a highly competitive market in which each company seeks its own position, providing its different values. We do this by guaranteeing a unique, professional, top quality, trustworthy and reliable service.

We ensure your peace of mind and guarantee your investments while you make sure your business continues to grow. You can rest assured that we will make your assets grow as quickly as possible. We are therefore working incessantly on improving the efficiency of our processes and services,  adapting them to the new technologies and to your needs in order to offer the best response. We believe in a common strategy, which best represents the interests of shareholders, teaming up with the operator to best optimise your output. We guarantee complete assurance in the planning and implementation of the project, endorsed by the utmost confidentiality, supported by total transparency and completed by the complete integrity of our team. The key partner you need to meet your goals. Behind every client and every customised service is a team that is fully committed to their investments.

We select our clients and the projects on which we work to create lifelong relationships, and we are fully committed to your business to obtain the best results possible.


We are one of the major independent companies in the world to specialise in hotel asset management. We would like to be your key partner and help you maximise your hotel assets for a better return on your investment, obtaining optimum output to meet the goals of your business plan as quickly as possible. We offer a fully exclusive, bespoke service, providing the necessary knowledge to increase the value of your assets thanks to our experience and overall knowledge of the international tourist sector and the hotel asset management and investment sector. Our unique methodology (analytical experience and practical operational experience) in financial management ensures the utmost value of your hotel assets. We review and analyse the work of the operators, propose a service adapted to suit each hotel or investment, and ensure the requirements and goals are met. Global Asset Solutions generates greater value for any hotel investments, either by repositioning less productive hotel assets in markets with growth potential, or improving the financial performance of productive assets. We have managed hotels and resorts worldwide that have obtained significant market penetration over a short period, as we specialise in detecting and suppressing all procedures and activities generating excess costs, especially during the first few years of asset management.

Company: Optimisation and better return on your assets

Oversight of Operation

• Optimize Performance and strategic direction.
• Market share.
• Support Operations.
• Value Increase from Brand.
• Reasonable Costs from the Operator.

Operation Overview

• Increase Operating Profit.
• Manage Working Capital.
• Increase Cash Flow.

Optimisation and better return on your assets
Managing the Investment

• Capital Expenditure.
• Improving ROI.
• Provide Capital Market Insight.
• Maximize Investment.

Managing the Capital

• Cycle-alignment / Improvement of ROE and IRR.
• Refinancing.
• Financing of Capital Expenditure.
• Recapitalization.
• Restructuring.

We are pleased to invite you to join our exclusive client network



We like to work exclusively on the projects we select. We carefully select our clients so that we can devote our full attention to them. Our unique method of work is completely personalised, to offer you a customised service that meets your requirements and specific needs and represent the best interests for your investments.


Our commitment to quality, transparency, ethics and responsibility are values we defend and encourage in the way we work.We guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality in our future professional relationship. We believe in and create hotels that are efficient and responsible towards all players, at the service of guests, shareholders and employees and committed to social and environmental issues. These values make us a reliable, trustworthy company.


We listen to your needs, analyse your situation and propose the best solutions. We work together to provide a flexible, effective and efficient response. The experience we have acquired throughout our long history and the work we have performed for all types of market have enable us to develop an effective, results-oriented methodology that ensures your goals are met. We are the right long term partner to maximise your investments.


We provide expert knowledge and experience of the world tourism market. We seek the utmost profitability and cost saving to optimise your resources and operations. We look after your business so that you can reap the greatest value possible from your assets, investments or brand.

Our values are our greatest commitment


Our services are personalised, adapted to meet the specific needs of each client, market and owner we evaluate. The Global Asset Solutions teams is characterised by its unique expertise, thanks to: Professional experience in the main hotel chains worldwide. Global Asset Solutions has worked over the years with a variety of clients types such as private equity funds, individual investors, family office, REITs, banks and therefore has a thorough understanding of how to maximize the asset subject to the requirements of ownership. Involvement in more than 1000 hotel projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Managing hotel assets (Hotel Asset Management) in more than 30 luxury hotels, 5000 rooms and for a value of over €3,000 M.

Specialising in hotel openings and in the integration of newly acquired assets. The overall vision and international network of more than 200 professionals/consultants in hotel development. Extensive experience in financial valuation and appraisal of assets and estates. Founders of the Hospitality Asset Managers Association Asia Pacific and Middle East Africa, a direct affiliate of HAMA US. Fully independent from traditional consultancy companies to avoid any conflicts of interest and separate from owners to guarantee complete objectivity and more competitive results.