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Hotel Asset Management online course made by over 30 years of experienced industry professionals. Based on real career experience from Global Asset Solutions team. Certificate of Completion delivered by Global Asset Solutions.

Introduction to Hotel Asset Management course

Hotel Asset Management certified course by Global Asset Solutions gives you a full picture at the time that dives deep into each relevant aspect through a practical approach and real-life scenarios.

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Hotel Asset Management course chapter by chapter

Introduction to Hotel Asset Management

The opening to this course in asset management takes you through the growth of asset management and the changing role of the asset manager.

We look at how it has evolved to become an essential part of every hotel’s operations and how it contributes to the strategy of both the hotel and the investor. We will also discuss the relationships with operators and the critical role the asset manager plays in simplifying the complex and maintaining a focus on profitability.

In reviewing the growth of the sector, we will look at the major players and how they have expanded as this dynamic product grows around the world.

Main content key points:

‣ Introduction to hotel asset management
‣ What is hotel asset management
‣ Why asset management is necessary


Tools and techniques used by asset managers

Now that we have introduced asset management, we look at its practical application, beginning with the approach to a new assignment.

We will address which information asset managers need to build a comprehensive picture of a property, its goals and operations and will look at the different tools and techniques used by asset managers to review P&Ls, balance sheets and the other information needed to make strategic decisions, analyse and approve a budget and create a robust asset management plan.

Main content key points:

‣ Data ownership control & liability
‣ Review of the main operating departments
‣ Review of the undistributed operating expenses all the way to net income
‣ Financial statements
‣ Planning and managing the asset


Real-life asset-management scenarios

With the theoretical knowledge acquired, it’s time for the practical application of asset management.

In this chapter, we will put you in the middle of real-life asset-management scenarios, helping you address the various stages of asset management during the lifecycle of a hotel.

We will consider hotel openings and the implications of M&A, with the asset playing a role as part of a wider platform and part of an investor’s strategy, looking at long-term aims and the asset’s role in them. Should you buy, hold or sell? And what capital structure works best? We will also debate how and when to invest, looking at the hotel’s positioning and whether it is pitched perfectly to its location and audience.

Main content key points:

‣ Main stages of hotel asset management
‣ Investing in existing physical asset
‣ Hotel development
‣ Hotel investment venture


Why should I join the course?

This certificate is tailored for hospitality professionals & students, hotel owners, bankers, investors, lenders and any function related to real estate investments projects wishing to update their skills and learn about asset management.

Course Advantages

• An online course accessible remotly made by indurstry professional from 30 years experienced in the indurstry and still active.

• Course content based on real career experience from Global Asset Solutions team.

• A Certificate of Completion delivered and certified by Global Asset Solutions and ILHA.


Hotel Asset Management Course subscription

  • Duration: Around 15 hours in total
  • Course delivery: Online
  • Language: English
  • Class Size: Individual / 100% Online
  • Content: Videos, Webinars, Articles, Quiz, Case Study
  • Certification: Certificate of Completion delivered and certified by Global Asset Solutions and ILHA

Want to know more ?

Within the next 2 months, you will have to:

  • Watch the videos
  • Read the online material
  • Study the external articles
  • Practice with the chapters’ quizzes

When you are finish studying, you will complete and send us the final assesment quizz and case studies for us to validate your course and deliver your certificate.

At any time during the process, you can contact one of our instructors that will assist you to achieve successfully your training.


Chapter 1

1.0 Introduction to chapter 1

1.1 What is hotel asset management

1.2 Why asset management is necessary

1.3 Chapter 1 wrap-up

Additional Webinars with the sector


Quiz Chapter 1

Chapter 2

2.0 Introduction to chapter 2

2.1 Data ownership control & liability

2.2 Review of the main operating departments

2.3 Review of the undistributed operating expenses all the way to net income

2.4 Financial statements

2.5 Planning and managing the asset

Additional Materials

Quiz Chapter 2

Chapter 3

3.0 Introduction to chapter 3

3.1 Main stages of hotel asset management

3.2 Investing in existing physical asset

3.3 Hotel development

3.4 Hotel investment venture

3.5 Chapter 3 Wrap-up

3.6 Hotel Asset Management Course Final Wrap-up

Additional Materials

Quiz Chapter 3

Final Assessment

The Pitch

Case Study Presentation

Final Quiz

Extra Materials

Extra Webinars


Additional Document needed in the AM Journey


Hospitality News

Introduction to Hotel Asset Management

Originally hotel owners had a direct role in the day-to-day operation of the hotel. Nowadays, the largest hotel owners are not “hoteliers” but are more likely to be financial institutions or real estate companies. In fact, a large number of hotel management companies (branded or not branded) are not in the business of owning real estate.

This separation of responsibilities has worked well on a number of fronts (for example, access to capital, tax efficiency, and efficient division of labour). However, this separation has reduced owners’ ability to provide the input and oversight needed to optimise their real estate investments.

So, who needs hotel asset management services?

If you are considering a hotel asset manager, it means that you own (or plan to own) a hotel and are considering hiring a company to manage it. In this case, a hotel asset management company will make sure that your interests as an owner are protected, and you have a specialist partner that ensures you understand the specific features of the hotel industry and, most importantly, optimise the value of the asset.

And, why hire a hotel asset manager?

In a hotel management agreement, the owner hires a hotel operator to manage the daily operations of the hotel business. But like in any contractual relationship, interests do not always align. Hotel operators are focused on protecting their brand standards and growing their network and scale. On the other hand, hotel owners are concerned with their particular properties and increasing their value through enhanced profitability.

What should you expect from a hotel asset manager?

The services of a hotel asset manager encompass three core functions: the review of financials, the control and enhancement of operating performance and legal / investment advice. The focus on one area over another varies with the type of property, the market, and the owner’s needs.

What are the options for the owner? And for you, what are the job options in hotel asset management?

Hotel asset management services are quite a recent addition to hospitality services, as they emerged approximately twenty-five years ago. Therefore, it is a profession still expanding rapidly in today’s changing hotel business climate (especially with the consolidation of operators).

What will make you a good hotel asset manager? What are the strengths we are looking for?

  1. Your alignment between the company culture and values and those of the hotel asset management
  2. Your experience in the type of property the owner has invested in
  3. Your international experience and exposure to different brands
  4. Your hotel asset management expertise and how it complements other consulting services without interfering with them
  5. Your track record and years of experience
  6. Your membership in the Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) to learn best industry practices and keep abreast of the latest market knowledge.
  7. The profile of your hotel asset management client and recommendations from these owners
  8. And, if you have a certification like the Certified Hospitality Asset Manager (CHAM)

What is asset management?

Coming from the Certificate Hotel Asset Manager examination (CHAM). The Asset Management Process accounts for 20% of the questions, Hotel Operations 15%, Real Estate and the Physical Asset 15%, Contracts and Legal Aspects 20%, Financial Analysis and Benchmarking 10%, and The Investment Decision 20%.

Asset Management definition

The first good definition of asset management didn’t appear until 1994. Stephen Rushmore (founder of HVS) captured the essence of asset management as it evolved. “In general terms, hotel asset management is the service of assisting hotel owners in realising their investment goals.

Asset managers act as an owner’s agent or representative to ensure that a hotel is acquired for a reasonable price; is then operated properly during the period of ownership; and ultimately is disposed of at an appropriate time and price.” Stephen Rushmore, “Who needs an Asset Manager?” Lodging Hospitality, Vol. 50, No. 1 (1994)

Course Author

alex-sogno global asset solutions for hotels

Alexander Sogno  | Global Asset Solutions founder

Mr. Sogno began his career in New York City after graduating with honors at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined HVS International New York, and he established a new venture at the Cushman & Wakefield headquarters in Manhattan.

In 2005, Mr. Sogno began working for Kingdom Hotel Investments (KHI), founded by HRH Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud member of the Saudi Royal family, and asset managed various hotels including Four Seasons, Fairmont, Raffles, Mövenpick, and Swissotel. He also participated to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of KHI at the London Stock Exchange as well as the Dubai International Financial Exchange.

Mr. Sogno is also the co-writer of the ‘Hotel Asset Management’ textbook published by the Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA), the American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute, and the University of Denver. He is the Founder of the Hospitality Asset Managers Association Asia Pacific (HAMA AP) and Middle East Africa (HAMA MEA).

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