Global Asset Solutions expands worldwide team

Global Asset Solutions has bolstered its team around the world with two appointments, as it continues to expand.

Bringing strength to soft brands

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions and Douglas Louden, Head of Asia/Pacific, Global Asset Solutions look at the growth of soft brands and the essential role asset managers play as the flags proliferate

The need for CAPEX and creating returns

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, reworks the adage that you have to spend money to make money.

Budgeting for change pt.2

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, looks at tips and tricks of the budget approval process in the second of a three-part series on budget season.

Budgeting for change pt.1

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, looks at the budget approval process in the first of a three-part series on budget season.

F&B to fill your balance sheet

Dimitris Mittas, COO, Global Asset Solutions, discusses how to make your F&B - whisper it - profitable

When faced with complexity, try creativity

Global Asset Solution’s Robert Walters and Katie Benson discuss the importance of leveraging your asset managers’ expertise when refinancing

Customer experience or digital overload? Making the right hotel tech investment

Hotels are under pressure to invest in upgrading their technology. One of the key visions that investors and asset managers are being sold is a direct by-product of the pandemic – upgrade your tech to facilitate a contactless guest experience in which the hotel guest can do pretty much everything from her mobile phone.

Such an operating model fulfilled a genuine need during the pandemic. But now? Is it really the way to go for full-service and luxury hotels?

Do we expect guests to pay a luxury premium and spend a large part of their stays glued to their screens doing admin and sending messages on Whatsapp to the front desk?

This article explores how full-service and luxury hotels are responding and finding some balance on this issue.

Rosewood Phnom Penh named Best City Hotel in Asia

The Rosewood Phnom Penh, asset managed by Global Asset Solutions, has been named ‘Best City Hotel in Asia’ by Travel & Leisure. With a total of 175 rooms including 37 suites, the hotel's residential-style guestrooms range from 50 m2 to 225 m2 to meet the different needs of leisure and business travellers. It has multiple dining outlets, including Sora (pictured), a sky bar perched on a cantilevered terrace, and The Pavilion, an elegant, residential-style meeting venue on the 39th floor.

Italian hotel Market outlook 2023

Italy continues to rank in the top three EU countries visited by international travellers and consequently this popularity combined with strong ADR and RevPAR is attracting the attention of global brands and investors seeking opportunities, especially in the luxury segment. The Global Asset Solutions Italian Hotel Market Outlook 2023 details performance by market and segment, transaction volume, future openings, deal analysis and future activity and trends. An important tool for current or prospective investors in the Italian hotel market.

How to price a hotel room

With myriad considerations about location, type of guest, running costs and your competition, Ben Walker outlines the best way to calculate whether you're charging the right price for your rooms

Global Asset Solutions launches podcast

Global Asset Solutions, the specialist luxury hotel asset management company, has launched a new podcast series discussing news and issues affecting the sector.

In Challenging Times, Hoteliers Should Welcome New Investors, Viewpoints

Hotels, particularly in the luxury segment, are attracting investors new to the sector, but as one of the most complicated of the asset classes, they need guidance from experts.

Global Asset Solutions’ Key Conference Takeaways

We were delighted to connect with the investment and hotel-owning community during the International Hospitality Investment Conference (IHIF) last week and take this opportunity to share our main findings from the conference.

Global Asset Solutions’ April 2023 Newsletter

The hotel sector has roared out of the gate with an enthusiastic start to the year, with rates increasing and travel flourishing, despite global airlift not yet returning to normal. There were signs that inflation was receding in many parts of the world, taking some pressure off leisure and business travellers alike.