Global Asset Solutions’ Key Conference Takeaways

We were delighted to connect with the investment and hotel-owning community during the International Hospitality Investment Conference (IHIF) last week and take this opportunity to share our main findings from the conference.

Global Asset Solutions’ April 2023 Newsletter

The hotel sector has roared out of the gate with an enthusiastic start to the year, with rates increasing and travel flourishing, despite global airlift not yet returning to normal. There were signs that inflation was receding in many parts of the world, taking some pressure off leisure and business travellers alike.

Return of travel bolsters Singapore

Transactions have favoured the mid-market segment, while operations remain under pressure because of the straitened labour market.

Watch your portion size: how to control your F&B

A hotel’s F&B offering can be one of the most difficult areas of the property’s operation to keep control of and, without rigorous oversight, can bleed money and lead to hard-to-explain holes at the end of the month.

Refurbishment of a hotel restaurant to improve the profitability.

The restaurant opened its doors in 2009 with an Art-Deco style in the heart of Brussels. It had 120 seats and a bar in the middle of the restaurant with 20 more seats and direct access from the street.

Does opportunity knock for hotel investors?

Investors have been waiting in the wings of the hotel sector since the start of the pandemic, certain that there would be bargains to be had in the form of distressed assets.

X marks the spot

We calls on hoteliers to create their own demand generator to fill rooms during the low seasons and stop blaming a lack of pull factors. Creating your own demand allows you to take back control of your business and limit your reliance on external factors, which can vary your rates and occupancy.

Budgeting for luxury

Alex Sogno, CEO, Global Asset Solutions, looks at the growing need for knowledgeable asset managers this budget season, as the appetite for luxury brands builds.

Softening the raw deal

Global Asset Solutions looks ahead to a year of growing hotel transactions as the cash crunch eases.

How the Asset Manager has moved from elective to essential

The hotel sector is moving into the mainstream as an asset class and if investors want to maximise their profits, they must also maximise the knowledge at their disposal, with the help of a specialist asset manager.

Why Accor’s Split Is an Example the Rest of the Hotel Industry Should Follow

Accor’s decision to split luxury from the rest of its estate is an acknowledgement of the differences between the different hotel segments and the specialist knowledge required to operate them.

Will Traditional Hotel Operators Ditch Beds For Data Banks?

The growth of franchising has moved the global branded operators further away from operations and deeper intro distribution, something which may increase their value.

Viewpoint: is debt a sure bet or a threat?

The elephant in the room is debt: it represents a threat for existing owners, but an opportunity for investors looking to get into the sector.

Global Asset Solutions launches Hotel Asset Management training course

Global Asset Solutions has launched an online training course with external accreditation which will support the growing demand for hotel asset management.