Number of rooms: 236 guestrooms, including 34 suites

Food & Beverage: 6 outlets (Montreux Jazz Café themed brasserie, high-end Steak house restaurant, lounge bar, large terrace, pub/restaurant & bar, buffet restaurant)

Largest conference, banqueting space in Switzerland: superb facilities for 10 to 12,000 persons in a wide array of venues (15 meeting space, traditional and listed in the main hotel, and modern and airy in the ‘Petit Palais’).

Other facilities: a fitness area, over 2’000 sqm of Spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, boutique shopping arcade and offices, night club, mini golf, business centre, and a wedding/event studio.

Back of the house facilities: 55 apartments for staff housing, engineering workshop, dry & cold storage, dock

Opening year: 1884-1906

Some Key Highlights, Strategy & Improvements in addition to full Asset Management duties

Global Asset Solution initially conducted a full review of the operation in order to have a strategic view on how to work with the operator to improve the asset. Several specific areas were identified such as:

  • Strengthening and reviewing the revenue management procedures/structure with new market segmentation (developing new demand generators)
  • Oversee the transition between FRHI and Accor to ensure adequate support were provided from corporate both on a revenue standpoint (wider distribution network, larger customer’s loyalty programme and database, etc.), but also for reducing cost (larger purchasing volume, sharing of system costs amongst more hotels, increased brand marketing power, etc.)
  • Work with operator on improving flow-throw for F&B especially in banqueting
  • Drive C&E and slowly returning MICE business (offering volume in conjunction with creating demand) and become more involved with Convention Bureau

Challenging operator status quo with management agreement, cost allocation, USALI changes, operation and corporate support (e.g. S&M, finance, ect.)