Number of rooms: 343 guestrooms, including 39 suites with sea views

Food & Beverage: 4 outlets (fine dining/brasserie, seasonal beach restaurant, two bars)

Meeting space: 10 meeting rooms, 1,004 sqm

Other facilities: private sandy beach, a small fitness area with a treatment room, boutique shopping outlets, boat dock, business centre, 126 parking space

Back of the house facilities: staff housing, engineering workshop, dry & cold storage, dock, and a power generator

Opening year: 1909


Some Key Highlights, Strategy & Improvements in addition to full Asset Management duties

Global Asset Solutions conducted a forensic balance sheet review at the hotel and further followed up on the various flagged item. Such controls ensured that receivables are valid claims and properly supported, that the receivables are reconciled on a daily and monthly basis (as appropriate), that credit has been granted in accordance with a formally approved credit policy and prudent business practices and the collection of receivables is reasonable and forthcoming, and that a reserve for doubtful accounts has been established and the reserve is reasonable.

In order to make sure that ownership gets the best possible return out of its hotel investment, Global Asset Solution also analysed the human resources department, including individual evaluation of key personnel, review of headcount and manning guide review with a focus on overstaffing and comparisons to other units for reasonableness, employee cohesiveness evaluation, training programs evaluation, staff development and reward programs evaluation, hiring process and staff retention, and monitor communication with individual employee and union.