Number of rooms: 467 guestrooms, including 23 suites

Food & Beverage: 3 outlets (International, a bar and a club lounge)

Meeting space: 20 meeting rooms, 2331 sqm

Other facilities: a fitness area, club lounge floor, and boutique shopping outlet

Back of the house facilities: engineering workshop, dry & cold storage, dock, and a power generator

Opening year: 1963


Some Key Highlights, Strategy & Improvements in addition to full Asset Management duties

  • With large F&B outlet, banquet space and significant catering functions, Global Asset Solution reviewed all financial performance of each outlet including room service, POS controls, review of procurement procedures, staffing and training specific to F&B outlets, and ensure that we had quality control procedures in place, including the right pricing, menu costing etc.
  • Ensure compliance with management agreement, apply most up-to-date industry standards (interact with other owners/asset managers)
  • Maximize cash flow, owner’s return, liquidity management, loan negotiate, prioritize owner’s repayments