• Number of rooms: 192 guestrooms, including 23 suites.
  • Food & Beverage: 4 outlets (Italian, Rooftop restaurant, a bar and cafe).
  • Meeting space: 3 meeting rooms, 238 sqm.
    Other services: business centre, a small fitness area, and 30 covered parking spaces.
  • Back of the house facilities: engineering workshop, dry & cold storage, dock, and a power generator.
  • Opening year: 1926-57


Some Key Highlights, Strategy & Improvements in addition to full Asset Management duties

Sales & Marketing

Maximise revenue (e.g. segmentation, BAR), improve DOSM strategies, control PACE report, and review competition. Work together with the executive team to find the best S&M strategy and challenge the status quo or way of doing business.

Interpret and verify

Interpret and verify calculations, budgets, financial statements and reports submitted to Owner by the Hotel Management Company, while improving the amount of data provided (ensure operator provide all the financial data).

Challenge budget proposal

Challenge budget proposal to reach higher performance and improve marketing plan.